Design Systems

Notes on setting up and documenting a prototype design system for email What is a Design System? A design system includes the design components and code assets along with the standards and documentation that accompanies the assets. The documentation includes guidelines on why and how to use the design components. “Understanding not only the what,... » read more

Email Marketing 2019 – 5 Key Trends and Opportunities
Email Marketing 2019 – 5 Key Trends and Opportunities

I created the original of this slide deck for a POV presentation I gave to the marketing team at American Greetings. This version is updated as of August 2019 to remove AG specific content and branding. 5 Key trends impacting email marketing Email and Omni-channel Marketing Smartphones and Engagement Personalization and Hyper-personalization Mobile Driven Design... » read more

Marketing and Email Development Blogs and Resources

A very partial list of blogs and online resources I like.  Only Influencers: Marketing Sherpa: SendGrid Email on Acid: Hubspot (great for all inbound strategies, too), ReturnPath: Marketo’s blog: Really Good Emails: Jason Rodriguez has a nice collection of email resources: Email Monks (These guys are... » read more

Custom Web Fonts in email

Custom web fonts work on the following clients: Most iOS and OSX devices Apple Mail AOL and Yahoo on OSX and Safari Outlook and on OSX and iOS They do not work on these clients: Gmail, including the Gmail apps for iOS or Android. Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013. The following clients will substitute a... » read more

Bombproof vs Bulletproof Buttons in Email

I’ve found two HTML solutions for adding buttons to email: the BulletProof Button and the Bombproof Button. The difference for the buttons:• The “bulletproof” is old (circa 2013-2015), and while it does a good job with making email buttons look nice with rounded corners on most versions of Outlook, it no longer has the greatest... » read more

Email Content Cut Off on Outlook Mobile App on Android

HTML Email Development: Outlook Mobile App Debugging While testing an HTML Hybrid/Responsive email, I encountered an issue with the email being cut off in the middle of an image when viewed on the Outlook app version 3.026 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android version 8.0.0. In my Email on Acid tests the email... » read more