Front-end developer supporting and bridging the gap between marketing and technology, business and engineering.

Synthesizing strengths in marketing, technology, and social platforms.  Performed in online and social media marketing technology and software space. Focused on development and implementation of the supporting content, software, and platforms.

Extensive expertise in marketing email development and production, WordPress, website management, cross-platform optimized landing pages, search engine optimization, and adding capabilities for online marketing content delivery and social media tools.   

Demonstrated competencies:

  • Process and Efficiency Improvement
  • WordPress Implementation
  • Social Media / Engagement
  • CMS Transition/Implementation
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • SEO
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Email
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Litmus | Email on Acid
  • Email Development
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Digital Marketing
  • Adobe Campaign for Email


Email Markup That Doesn’t Explode in the Inbox”, Thinking Web: Voices of the Community, SitePoint, 2011.

Designed and hand-coded a fan-site that won an international website design competition


  • Email: Trends and Predictions for 2019
  • The State of Email 2017: New Features, Updated Standards, and Evolving Best Practice
  • CSS Developers Conference – Takeaways and Insights 2017
  • Fast Track Email: Process and Toolkits 2017
  • Change Network Activities and Impact 2016
  • Innovations and Best Practices in Mobile Optimization for Email and Landing Page Design 2012
  • The World of Mobile Email 2011
  • Flash Search Optimization 2009

AMERICAN GREETINGS, Westlake, OH  ( 2007 to 2019)    

Creator and manufacturer of innovative social expression products, including greeting cards, party goods, gift wrap, electronic greetings, and character licensing with sales of over $2B.

Senior Digital Marketing Technologist, Marketing Team (2015 to 2019)                                                 

Developed, implemented and managed technology products and platforms, support marketing and social media efforts within content and engagement marketing teams. Promoted to newly created position.

  • Ensured maintenance of process excellence and best-in-class standards in the email development and automation, marketing landing pages, SEO, social apps and content, and platform implementations.  
  • Provided Point of View to Marketing, Corporate and Web Engineering teams as Subject Matter Expert.
  • Developed and implemented email production process and toolkit. Drove point on implementing accessibility compliant, mobile-optimized and standards-based practices in email development. Reduced email production and approval time 50%+ and saved 200+ hours per year.  Enabled adding two new campaigns monthly.
  • Led projects to optimize paid search and affiliate landing pages for accessibility and current standards.
  • Implemented CMS platform options, trained and led a multinational team in transitioning blog content to the Oracle Commerce platform, including SEO and accessibility optimization of content.  Eliminated production bottleneck and integration of e-commerce and engagement marketing content. The content launch that this supported received 5.5+M visitors, 80%+ were new and from organic search.
  • Implemented a templated landing page workflow that improved total production and approval time from a week to three days with cost savings of $30K+.
  • Researched options for email testing and analytics. Led transition to new vendor at a lower price with more features for annual cost savings of up to $3.5K.
  • Contributed to Social Media Marketing by adding in-house capability to build Facebook tabs with complex functionality including photo-galleries, photo-upload, and entry form to support product campaigns and promotions. Previously outsourced at a cost of $15-30K per tab.

Senior Web Producer: Marketing Production, Interactive Teams (2011 to 2015)

Led team in front-end maintenance and development for high-traffic B2C websites, emails, blogs, and landing pages. Supported improved code quality, search optimization, better user experience, increased revenue, and the ability to bring diverse capabilities in-house, leading to significant cost savings.

  • Led team in building and optimizing paid-search landing pages for mobile that drove increased subscription conversion rates of up to 300%.
  • Contributed technical POV and implementation of SEO initiatives that drove lifts in relevant organic traffic by 30% + across the entire site. 
  • Initiated a collaboration between the development, Web Operations, and Quality Assurance teams to implement process improvements for production code updates. Reduced time and impact of bugs having gone live from an average of four-plus hours to under an hour.  Resolving show-stopping issue preventing flagship website from being Google indexed and prevented loss of organic traffic revenue over a major holiday season.
  • Championed an internal collaboration and workflow platform for the Marketing and Social Media team production process. Resulted in savings of $25k per year and reducing bottlenecks and saved 300+ hours a year.
  • Implemented multiple technical social media channel launches.
  • Implemented mobile and SEO optimization and redesigns for multiple blogs and landing pages. Resulted in 350% increase in both daily impressions and viewers on Pinterest in week one alone.
  • Created and maintained internal technical practices and process documentation to support departmental objective of creating a fully transparent and documented workflow and process. 
  • Contributed requirements and front-end markup on a cross-department project to design and build an in-house landing page CMS, including page creation and reporting functionalities.  Tool replaced an outside landing page service for savings $150k+ per year.
  • Identified issue with discrepancies in tracking tag reporting on order path, implemented QA tag testing with each code move increasing confidence and achieving annual savings of $10K.  

Web Producer, Interactive Team (2007 to 2011)

Contract Web Producer (2007)

MY TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS, Haskell, NJ ( 2006)     

Information Technology Outsourcing and Consulting Agency

Website / Advertising Design, Website Administration

  • Conducted web design and development. Website project management, set up and configure website and email hosting, search optimization, and maintenance for B2B, B2C and academic sites.  
  • Created graphics and wrote editorial for advertising flyers, electronic newsletters, and promotional materials.

Previous: Production Controller at ACTIVE RESPONSE MARKETING and Technical Efficiency Specialist at DIALAMERICA MARKETING INC.


BS, Information Systems, Web Design, Magna cum Laude, American College of Computer & Information Sciences, currently American Sentinel University, Distance Learning

BA, Social Work, Magna cum Laude, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Continuing Education

Last modified: July 25, 2019